Google People
Google Street View
This wonderful fabulous world. I jump across continents, kilometric steps. I percolate through walls. Teleportation, magic carpet, shoes of swiftness. Sun frantically bounces up and down the spheres. I am two-and-a-half-meter giant, I am timeless, I am beyond time & beyond death. Here night and day are succeeded by clicks, here building grows in one move, and here again it is gone. Here humans live without abdomens, without faces — you are multiarmed, you get fused together, merge with clouds, with machines, with asphalt and waterfalls. New immortal human-collage, I see you. I am short-focused, I am wide-angled. I look down on my feet, I look through my feet, I fly without my feet. I am here, I am alive. I am — a camera in the center of the world.
Legs without a person can seem funny for someone. Ha-ha-ha. I am not laughing. I am saving myself. You are our future, our bodies will explode and then re-form as a kaleidoscopical puzzle. I am thinking about an amount of my new eyes, I will pick out a new body, I will conjoin as twins. I will blur my face, I will leave only right foot, left leg is stretching to telescoping antenna, you are my new rubber spine, my head is being rotated by 360 degrees without a pause. And here I am welcomingly spreading out my octopus hands, I am greeting you pulsating with someone's other faces, and all skin palette. I intergrowed with my freshly-painted motor hood, I feel my new rubber tyre, my shining bumper is on me, reflecting all of the fifteen eyes of the maker. I am winking at by-passers with my yellow headlights and I am cheerfully waging Scotch a terrier's tail. I keep bouncing, I am flying by a cemetery to a park. And here I am again spinning over you, you — happy with your skull fractured and your collarbones crooked, with an unhuman flexibility, with a superhuman ability. You are a last year's flare of my new years's future. I will save you in my instagram: #you_are_my_hope, #you_are_my_youth, #you_are_my_immortality
Google Drawings**
I am sitting but I am moving, I am on a hunt. I took crayons and paper on my journey. Today I am drawing outdoors. What a sights, what an ocean/mountains/snow/desert/seabottom and beach with people. A huge sun, brown bodies, you scent of hot screen. Alive youthful pleasant pixels. I welcome you, a headless person! I make a stop. He is not in a hurry, he is here forever, he is waiting for me, for his spectator. His leg is lying on its reflection, he crossed his arms above, his missing head is looking for someone on the horizon. He doesn't breathe. I take paper and start drawing. Is it in my imagination? Is it in my dream? Someone will say that this doesn't happen. But if there are drawings it means that all of this is true, it means that all of it has happened. I was on expedition, I visited hundreds of cities, I saw it. I sketched it. I know that this is real.
Google Exhibition***
An exhibition is necessary for an artist, and I am an artist as I draw. Scanner eats my paper, compresses my drawings in jpegs. I return to your bodies habitual pixels. I am running to a nearby forest to get textures, I am turning into spheres in exhibition panoramas. I am building a stage, ten cameras, I am reshooting something that has already been shot. Insane digital tautology. I need to come up with an exposition. The drawings can be seen from two sides, what a freedom! I am against force of gravity. My drawings are flying around me. I am in the center, I am striding along the forest, I am striding along time, my bodies, my works, my lonely exhibition is available for milliards. The whole world is my gallery. Everything is spinning, everything has been googling and come back. The head is spinning after the camera. Hello, my new human, I am shaking all of your ten hands, you are expected, you are home. Welcome back to Google.
* — Instagram/
** — A series of drawings made in 2017 from digital nature Google Street View
*** — The exhibition was shown on Google Maps in Giardini Gardens (Venice) the 20th of May 2017 during the 57th La Biennale di Venezia. The project was supportеd by Elgoog Gallery